Thursday, September 4, 2008

I choose to disagree

I was watching some leftie on some talk show talk about Obama being "pro choice." Well hell who isn't? I like to choose the food I eat, the TV shows I watch, the uh friends I associate with, the color of my undies, my radio stations etc. etc... Of course as everyone knows I am easily confused and it took me a while to actually understand he was talking about abortion? Now look I am no fanatical anti baby killing kind of guy. I think there is a time and a term to do it if it is done. I do think R VS W should be overturned and the states should CHOOSE but other than that I am a little apathetic. That being said, why is it called pro choice? Why not pro baby killing, or infant murder is grand, or who needs condoms we have vacuums! Or simply "PRO ABORTION" Why is abortion a bad word? Why do the people who fight so strongly for it omit the mention of the act in their slogan? If it is ok it is ok right? Does it make them feel better to not mention the actual possible murderous act? I mean if I drunkenly crash my car into a pregnant woman then I can be charged for killing 2 people? That has always confused me. Ok lefties, repeat after me - "we believe a woman has the right to an ABORTION at any time. That is our choice." That needs to be on the t shirts and signs. I choose to quit writing now.

The Vic

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The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Outstanding post. Let's see, are there any other examples of liberals using "nice" names for bad things? How about "gun control" when they mean unilateral personal disarmament? How about "affirmative action" when they mean forcing companies to hire unqualified morons? How about "community organizer" when they mean overpaid, do nothing guzzler at the government teat? Evidently we will stand and have really bad ideas shoved down our throats IF they give them a benign sounding name.