Friday, September 26, 2008

Number 6

On September 17th, 2008 Sergeant W. of the U. S Army and his lovely wife, "The Middle Daughter", welcomed my sixth Grandchild into the world. Contrary to a previous post, he is a fine looking lad and in no way resembles "ManBearPig". Congratulations to them and all that, but mainly, congratulations to me.

The boy's name is Angus, yes I am aware that it is the coolest name EVER. Eighteen years ago I wanted to name my youngest son (who you will be reading more about in a few days) Angus, but the pissing and moaning and wailing and crying that issued forth from my extended family members caused me to weaken and I am still somewhat ashamed to this day. On 09-17-08 when the nurse officially put pen to paper I was vindicated. Victory is Mine Sayeth the Archduke.
Note: While it may appear that I, The Archduke and my family are perfect, such is not the case. Little Angus and his three oldest cousins are the product of mixed marraiges. My first three grandkids, Madison, Alex, and Emma, who belong to PFC M. of the U.S Army and his lovely wife, The Original Daughter, ( AKA Armywife) along with Angus, have mothers that are UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA SOONER fans and fathers who are university of texas longhorn fans. Thank God my two middle grandchildren Aidyn and Penelope who belong to The Original Son, (AKA Vulcandeathgrip) and his lovely wife, shewhoasyethasnonickname, are the product of a marraige between two UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA SOONER fans. Try not to hold this serious character flaw against the two soldiers, after all they did both travel to the" Land of Sand and Stink" and put their lives on the line to defend us from the murderous muslims, and when it comes to these children, the UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA SOONER fans in the family will win in the end anyway.


King Selfish said...

Congratulations to Sergeant W. and The Middle Daughter. May your bundle of joy grow to be happy, healthy, and just unlike his grandfather Archduke.

the middle daughter said...

Man that is a good looking boy!

armywife603 said...

He is a handsome little fella!