Monday, November 20, 2006

Cast off your fear,THE ARCHDUKE IS HERE!

Many thanks to the king for handling the menial, tedious, drudgery that was necessary in order to provide me, THE ARCHDUKE, with a venue to share my wisdom and strength with the masses. Be not afraid, cowering king, all that you and the preening vicar need to do now is fall in behind me, THE ARCHDUKE, for I will carry this project on my broad, tanned,muscular, manly, chiseled, not overly hairy, and only slightly acne scarred shoulders as effortlessly as a fat woman totes a bag of porkrinds.


Anonymous said...

You're good. That description of yourself is so convincing that if I didn't know you I would swear that you were a man.

Anonymous said...

That's good news, all I was really hoping for was to appear man-ish.

The A.D.

Skeptic Tank said...

The manfulness that is exhibited in your self descriptiom is perfect to lure the demographic to our musings that the King and I couldn't attract. The less manful or can I say the effete need a place to rest their weary minds and a worthy hero, such as yourself, will be their perfect icon.
The Vic