Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I say it is a myth

No, not the faux disease that the king and I have. "Continuous Partial Attention" Like thats a real disease though I am sure I may have it, I have all the sympt um what was I talking about? Oh the myth. I have noticed that many black leaders when quizzed on examples of "black racism" all deny that blacks can be racist. I think malcolm x started this silliness. What a great belief to adopt! Carte Blanche to do what you want in the NEVER ENDING fight against institutionalized racism. Oh and if you question it you are a RACIST , excuse me while I barf, ok I am back. ANYONE can be racist. ANYONE. It doesn't matter how much power ones overall ethnicity has. Heck, I am a member of the powerful male caucasoid gender and race and don't get to reap the benefits of it.
In fact due to my strange and just ever so slightly abrasive personality and my lower socio economic upbringing I have been treated less than someone in my "should be rightful" and "can be the only racist in the world", ethnic group. I have been robbed! I want my power and money and a real say in society damnit and I want it now. Oh ok I will accept any excuse that I can use to absolve me, my kin, and anyone else of my evil race who don't get to the wield the gavel of power. Problem is, racism has already been taken. SO I am open for suggestions. I need a good fall back alibi, hell I just need someone to blame GIVE ME SOMEONE TO BLAME. It isn't important for it to be true it just has to sound good, make me feel good, and be shoutable so incessantly that it becomes part of our national vernacular.
Oh and yes I will always be happy to pick the topics of our ramblings. Oh and I think we need something like a "man law" for example "Royal creeds" or somesuch. My first suggestion is "never explain a post to one's peers." His 2 peers that is "unless asked" assume all of my points even my excessive rambling points, with extremely poor punctuation, are understood by my fellow self important and my near intellectual equals and the same courtesy should be shared among the three. And yes I know I am the best looking and that automatically causes people to assume I am the stupid one, but just for funsies pretend I am not.

Oh the myth? blacks CAN be racist. End of myth.

The Vic


sunshine_daydream said...

Your posts make me happy :-) I will unfortunately end up just like you someday, only better. haha


King Selfish said...

I'm with you on the blacks can be racist thing, of course, but the Reverend Al Jessie Farrakhan is not going to be amused. Your cracker-ass diatribe will probably inspire a Million Welfare Recipient march on Washington.

I like the Royal Creed idea, although creed sounds so religousy. How about edict? Anyway, it's an idea that should be embraced, so I think each of the Three should come up with an axiom or two and be prepared to present them at the next council.

Naturally, every suggestion will have to meet with unanimous approval, and after thinking it over I'm not feeling it for "never explain a post to one's peers". It's good advice, but it seems to be in conflict with the spirit of a democratic blog. It seems to me that other than the mutually agreed upon subject matter, each so called author should be free to publish what he wishes. You know, you blog, I blog, everybody blog blogs. And then I will make fun of him.

Hey, I'm just thinking here. It's late and I'm tired, but I'm sure we can reach a consensus. That is, assuming we can somehow shake the Archduke.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Not trying to be funny but I don't understand what you mean by "never explain a post to a Peer", evidently I'm not for it since someone is going to have to explain it to me. I'm so confused. I like the edict idea in order to give the thing some form.