Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I , the Vicar of Vanity, who shall henceforth be known as the Vicar of Vanity, am miffed. Miffed to the highest order of miffdom. So miffed I think I will make a sign shouting to the world how truly at the top of miff mountain I have climbed. How dare the cream of the crop of society stalwart souls such as Michael Richards or Mel Gibson say things that would miff those poor abused sub groups of society. And to use the N word and gasp the J word, how dare they dare to do that! I the Vic must recommend firing squads for such egregious behavior. Then afterwards think of the great movies that could be made, starring elite non miffers such as cLooney or any Baldwin to great acclaim!

Ok the real miffiness comes from these stories not being more than by lines running across the bottom of the tv once every 2 weeks. Am I, the Vic, the only person who really doesn't care about these pseudo news stories? Now if you want to see me riding the crest of a tsunamiff then let some poor abused sub groupie use the C word. And man oh man will this make me soooo miffled. Wait are you saying that calling me a cracker is ok? Well then I am DEFINITELY making a sign now and my saltine self will protest till I get satisfaction or get hungry, whichever comes first.

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King Selfish said...

I feel your pain Mr. Miffed. And nice touch with cLooney.