Wednesday, December 6, 2006

I am SOOO gonna send you to hell! HEE HAW!

My previous rant pointed out a few obvious fallacies in the haysusian dogma and the idea of an all powerful Wise old man in the sky. Well in my very humble opinion. Then my arrogant and oh so self important friend THE ARCHDUKE. Pointed out the obviousness of a relative harmless haysusian dogma compared to the relatively harmful religion of Alalalah. Or better known as the religion of pieces. TOUCHE' EL DOOKIE! So let me do a simple comparison of the two loving and caring organizations that so truly care about our souls.


1. Wish us to believe so we won't go to hell.

2. Actively recruit sans coercion.

3. Pray for the nonbeliever.

4. Protest against offense.

5. Turn the other cheek.

6. Try to be nice.


1. You have to believe or send you to hell.

2. Force belief or send you to hell.

3. Send non believers to hell.

4. Send offenders to hell.

5. Send offenders to hell.

6. Send people to hell

As you can see the Haysus crowd have it all wrong. When questioned, lampooned , or looked at the wrong way sending people to hell is so much easier. Think of the savings on Mission work! Bombs are way cheaper! And think about it, you kill those sorry infidels then 72 count em 72 girls from virginia! I do have a question about that though. If I die and have 72 girls who haven't had sex I want to know, what are their ages? Do we get to have sex in heaven? When we do , do we get a new virgun or have to recycle the used ones? Cause the way I see it after 72 sex romps then you're stuck with non - verjeens, that's like 72 wives, isn't this then hell?
I hate to be crude here, but I can live with haysusianity, BUT it is really hard to live with those that wanna blow me up just to have a little fun in heaven with young girls. I mean we are supposed to respect a group of people who treat their women about like slaves were treated in this country 150 years ago? I am not sure about this but many of these Mooslem women are worse off than the slaves. Haven't we as a people not learned anything from Nazi Germany? Didn't the world appease and treat Adolph "the hit man" Hitler with kid gloves, when all he wanted was to destroy all that he felt were his enemies? Well I think we quit coddling these populaters of hell and put our foot down now. If this is truly the them or us world that the religion of unibombers believes it is, then all I can say is SCREW THEM.
But hey that is just my very humble opinion.
The Vic

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The Archduke of Arrogance said...

That's what I'm talking about. I've often wondered about the 72 virgin thing, I mean really, eternity is a long time. Even if you limit yourself to 1 virgin every 100000 years after 72 hundred thousand years guess what, you're out of virgins. Right now, I'm facing east, NOT praying, while eating a ham sandwich and mohamed can kiss my ass.