Saturday, December 2, 2006

You are SO going to hell! HA HA!

Death, destruction, disembowelment, and all other kind of bad words that don't just start with the letter "d". That is the popular view of many or even most haysusians. Many of these pious and deeply religious followers of the Wise old man in the sky (womits) believe this is gonna befall those who choose to not follow his order to believe,accept, act,get dunked (pick your order). It is funny to me that the members of the church(es) of the most loving being that could ever be (womits), secretly and some outwardly, derive great joy in the future horrors that befall those that CHOOSE to not follow the HOLY BOUND PAPER BUNDLE WITH LOTS OF IMPORTANT AND INTERPRETED WORDS. These true lovers of men look forward to the gruesome reckoning promised by the aforementioned most holy paper bundle. They want those that don't CHOOSE to believe like they do to suffer not only a horrible and gruesome death, but for it basically to keep happening for eternity and ever and ever. SO that gives me an image of Haysus sitting behind a cloud somewhere gleefully rubbing his hands together with a knowing smirk, since it is HE that gets to fire the starters pistol for the holy and totally loving massacre to never end all massacres. Truly the mother of ALL massacres. Even bigger than little BIG horn. THANK you HAYSOOS for loving me. oh BUT YOU WERE WARNED!
Well I was thinking about that. When I was 12 I attended a certain church and got to be part of some early indoctrination, arm twisting, and threats that were done only like the lovers of humanity can do. We got to see films of people who died BEFORE their big commitment. The first one was the guys and gals getting eaten by maggots and worms FOREVER. But the good one was about a young motorcyclist who was at church one happy warm loving Sunday when he was asked to make that VERY important commitment. Well he thought and stressed and twisted and wrung his hands and couldn't quite pull the holy trigger. He thought he'd go home and think about it. So on his way home he lovingly wrecked the chopper and was Decapitated by the loving hand of he who controls all. Well guess what? WORMS FOREVER HAHA! Your 19 year old butt should've made that decision earlier! Don't think about it, decide now! You could DIE any second! Well then I thought about the Womits and his powers. He knows all - ALL. In fact he transcends time. He is the beginning and the end. Not WAS the beginning but IS the beginning. SO it seems that Womits exists at all times during all time. Everything is the present. Plus he knows all concurrent thoughts and or conditions of everyone and everything such as bugs and trees and germs. So of course he knew the ultimate answer the headless hogman was gonna decide, so maybe that's why he killed him then since he was in hell at the same time anyways to become perpetual worm food. But then I thought if he exists in all times then how can we personally make him mad if he is a one mind being ( not counting the other 2 of the trio)
He is feeling everything from everything on earth and even other planets with life if that exists so you could say Womits has a lot on his emotional plate. So I was wondering if he had a higher happy level or sad level? But I bet the eternity with his followers in happy sky land probably tipped the balance to the green arrow side, which doesn't move since it can't since everything to the big guy is happening at once. Maybe he doesn't really have anger or glee I figure he has some other emotion that we ;Meaning me, can't fathom. Something that's got all the feelings at once like all the ingredients of a good spaghetti sauce except he is aware of EVERY taste , the good and the bad , but we just can't fathom it, that being said I don't think we can describe anything he thinks with human emotion he is way to complex. He is what he is ( kind of like a super Popeye.)
So I am glad in his unimaginable wisdom he has made it so easy to find the right path to glory and righteousness. You know so few choices on which of his true churches to follow, well okay that was a bit sarcastic and I KNOW you are shocked so I beg forgiveness. I compare the path to happy sky land to walking through a mine field, except you can see the mines and if you step on the right one ( maybe more than one) instead of worms and eternal testicle gnawing, you get fun fun fun with a non returnable T bird for eternity! So enjoy the Holy minefield or "Ulitma lotto" or "Goddo" if you please, be careful, pick right, and bask in all the love and wisdom while Demons play with my worm eaten and pain ridden body forever and ever and ever ay men.
Just a thought
The Vic


King Selfish said...

I'm going to crawl up in my attic, open my old chest of discarded life phases, rummage around until I find my prayer life, and then beseech the Lord to build an extra hot fire just for you.

Tara said...

Vic, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post for the first time, one year and half after it was written! You did an excellent job verbalizing many of the same thoughts that I have had. Thanks!