Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Gift to You

From January 1992, through May 1993, I kept a journal. Notice I did not say diary. Diaries are for those who desire to express their feelings, like women and queers. A journal is a manly record of events, minus the "how does this make me feel" part. I kept a journal. The primary objective of the endeavor was to track my weight loss--although by the time I logged my first entry I had already lost 80 of the 110 pounds that I would eventually lose--and to record my workouts. But I noted other things as well. And you're in luck because I'm in a giving mood.

These selections are not random, but they are typical. They are unedited and exactly as they appear in the original. Current comments are in parentheses.

(First entry)--Jan. 24, 1992
weighed 249 on digital scales at K-mart
(cool, huh?)

Feb 2, 1992
Vicar came over - ate lunch- went to Prestonwood Mall -
severely sprained left ankle throwing football-
played gin rummy after going to dr. for xrays
(see, nothing about yelling like a girl)

April 8, 1992
Read some more of "Birds do the strangest things" to girls. Played word games w/ T on magic slate
Vicar called-had major confrontation w/ E Jones at school

Sept 9, 1992
walked 1 hr- ran 18:05

Nov 8, 1992
ran 31:06-morning
Vicar + family came over
watched dallas beat detroit 37-3
went to prestonwood mall
threw football
played 1 game of gin rummy--he won

Dec 9, 1992
ran 25:30-morning
water off all day-went to work w/o shower

Jan 31, 1993
ran 20:36
all went to vicar's
watched dallas beat buffalo 52-17 in super bowl 27

Feb 21, 1993
vicar + family came over
threw football
went to mall
R threw up on couch

(last entry, sorry)
May 4, 1993
walked 1 hr

I've got a lot more, especially stuff about me reading to and playing games with my kids. Be nice and maybe I'll share some of that with you later. What an interesting life.

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The Vicar of Vanity said...

I really like this post well since it mentions me and mine. I will say this, the journal from that time that I kept definitely mentions that you screamed like a girl. Well ok I didn't write it down but that sound that was made is indelibly etched into my brain. The pain, the fear, and the excess estrogen that was released can never be forgotten
the vic