Sunday, January 21, 2007

If loving me is wrong then I Don't have to be .....

Right. That is correct and should come as a shock that I, the Vic does not have to be right. I Can say I am wrong. Now the younger Vic would've and did've fight over rightness that wasn't so right. It was a fantabulous and joyfulness day when I swam across the river Dogmatism and baptised myself from my earlier sin. Why must I right write? What is the point? Well as a casual observer of politics I have noticed the inability for people to concede ANY point. Good points are ignored or attacked, no one is willing to admit wrongness. Especially the shrill left, thought the religious right runs a good race. I haven't seen the studies but I bet if they imaged the brain of people while they were having politigous thoughts they would see an area of the brain light up that screams NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY DO OR SHOW I CANNOT OR WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND. NOT ONLY WILL I NOT CHANGE I MAY KILL YOU OR AT LEAST HOLD YOU DOWN TILL YOU SQUEAL LIKE A GIRL! It is a fascinating subject. From War, to elections to simple things like The best movie of all time is or the best football team of all time is. I know I may be an anomaly or maybe what I see is the anomaly but it seems that humans thrive on their comfortable rightness cocoon. I have decided admitting wrongness makes the rightness sweeter. In other words one is more right if they can say hey I was mistaken. It is like my belief ( that is discardible) that people who can't change their opinions and who are arguing from a bastion of unchange, invalidate the argument. So if people could say hey I was wrong then they are more right than those who can't when they are.
Just my thoughts and hey as always I COULD BE WRONG
the Vic


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

I predict that your long dead high school English teacher is no longer satisfied with simply spinning uncontrollably in her grave. Based on this last post I believe that she will use her bony claws to dig through the coffin lid, concrete vault lid, and six feet of earth, so that she can drag her moldering corpse to your house and put a skeletal foot in your grammatically incorrect ass.

This is the first piece of writing, of any length, that I have ever read, that contains more grammatical errors than words. What concerns me most, is that I actually understood AND agree with it.

Having said all that, I could be wrong. I only say that because, according to your post, that makes me right. Or something. My head hurts.

The Vicar of Vanity said...

But I really really like making up words! please oh wise grammar policeman please let me keep doing it?

King Selfish said...

Discord on the blog. Yummy.

Vicar, just for fun I wish I could disagree with the essence of your post. But, alas, I cannot. In fact, the argument you make is why I often wonder why I continue to watch news-debate shows.