Saturday, January 6, 2007


I know that I, the really interesting writer of the Trifata, have been conspicuously absent from our most holy site. Well between seeing my chillens, traveling, drinking and playing world of whorecraft, I have been too preoccupied to type any thoughts. I even had a good couple of rants in my head, but they had drifted off with the wind that blows through my ears and alas they have yet to hit the page. I will say this though, I'll let my humbly egotistical partners quibble about womenesque subjects like "top ten films" , "greatest TV Chefs of all time", or "who carries bigger packages UPS or FEDEX men?" While I , the great one discuss meaningful and timely subjects such as "what brand of macaroni is the best?" or "when shaving which are the best strokes , up and down or side to side?" So until I can articulate more greatness through my keyboard I'll let my esteemed and subtly effeminate colleagues have their fun.

The Vic

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