Thursday, January 25, 2007


Evidently, a group of white college kids who attend a small agricultural university(Tarleton State) in Stephenville, Texas, had a theme party. Instead of wearing togas they dressed up like "G's" to celebrate MLK day. They dined on fried chicken and washed it down with Colt 45 malt liquor. Now in my humble yet absolutely correct opinion, a group of kids getting drunk and acting stupid isn't even local news much less national news, yet this story is all over the internet, the major networks and even Fox. Snarling anchors and indignant columnist throw out words like appalling, shocking, disgusting,and shameful to describe the event. There seems to be considerably more outrage over this tasteless party than there is over, say, Vermont's judicial idiocy that allowed a wife-beating, child rapist to go free. The media has done everything short of sending Mike Nifong down there to wreck the kid's lives in defense of a non-existant victim. I feel confident that law suits will be forthcoming. I think the next time some black guy refers to me as a "cracker" I'll try to get it on the national news and then sue him. Who knows, I might get some new bling and couple of fo'ties out of the deal.

Disgustedly Yours,

P.S. If everyone would stop saying illegal aliens and start saying undocumented residents, like the liberals do, then everything would be okay, and we might even come to worship our new third world overlords.


King Selfish said...

Good examples of the world gone mad. It never ends.

I was planning a post about Laurie David, wife of creator and star of "Curb Your Enthusiasm", Larry David. She's a world class global warming zealot, and one of the producers of Al Gore's screed, "An Inconvenient Truth". Not content with the success of the movie--which has been aided greatly by the fawning media, of course--she is now on a crusade to have it become part of the permanent curriculum of every public school in the land. And as she says, "there will be legislation".

I won't be posting anything more about this misguided bitch.

You're welcome

The Vicar of Vanity said...

You took the words write off of my fingers. I was planning a little rant about the non news of the parties and when I signed on there it was well a grammatically correct version anyways. Only thing to say is Amen brother.