Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memory Lame

Vicar, the photo you posted brings back fond memories, although, to be honest I didn't recognize you at all. Bad lighting, no doubt. Most likely those who knew you then will best remember you as you appear at left. I think this photo was taken during a lunch break sometime in our freshman year of high school. All these years later I can still remember being amazed at how you would wait, ever so patiently, for someone to stop and feed you.


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

When it comes to sending or posting photographs you seem to possess no internal decency governor. As far as disgusting pictures, I suggest we approach them like we do bad language and FOR GOD'S SAKE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

The Vicar of Vanity said...

Good point, it is funny I almost posted a similar picture but I do possess that governor, well it wasn't a decency governor since I obviously lack one of those, more of a gross out governor.
But in defense of my morphology of my youth, how could I not look like that? All that time I spent with you relegated me to cold mash potatoes and old Lucky charms while you feasted on weiners and biscuits and gravy, I didn't stand a chance.

The Vicar of Vanity said...

Or is that Mashed potatoes? Is that even how to spell potatoes? Is it potatos? What about weiner or is it wiener? Damn I don't know but I am getting hungry, it has taken me years to get over my youth oh and since you
were the reason for my condition then that means you are kind of like Hitler.
Jeil Jabba!

King Selfish said...

The joys of blogging are immeasurable.