Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Boy, was I relieved to wake up this morning and find that the U.S of A. was still ginning right along. This is the second year in a row that the smelly,brown invaders have tried to bring us to our knees by not showing up for work. The only difference I noticed yesterday was the absence of two-legged cattle in reflective vests standing around in the road construction zones. Oh, and the girl who gave me my coffee at Mcdonalds spoke fluent English.

I noticed that Rage Against the Machine got back together and proclaimed that Bush should be "Tried, hung and shot." Is it just me or shouldn't the word convicted be in there somewhere? To me this shows the difference between the right and the left. We on the right will try you, CONVICT you(with facts and evidence), then hang you and shoot you. The left, on the other hand, omits the conviction part because they are too occupied with their feelings to bother with things like facts and evidence. I know I'm right about this because I feeeeel it so deeply.

Today's word is: OBSTREPEROUS- noisy and hard to manage.
When half a dozen or so mud people get together they usually become obstreperous.

Relievedly Yours,

The Archduke

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King Selfish said...

You'd think thousands of illegals gathered in one spot would be an irresistible target of opportunity for a determined person of sand. I'm just saying.

The only thing I know about Rage Against the Machine is that they are so yesterday. They should be tried, hung and shot for being irrelevant.