Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I know that no one is shocked but I do not think we should grant amnesty to any illegal like we did before. I think we should round up all illegals and send em all home. To hell with em. Now that I have said that. People who hire illegals should be arrested too and all the people in charge of the government the last lets say 20 years? should be arrested too. If there was not a market, there would not be a problem. If there was nowhere to work they wouldn't come. We have created the market so the people come BUT they wouldn't come if our coward government would have or would stop them. They just whistle and look the other way and like I have said before this is old George's BIGGEST mistake. I mean even in mine and the King's old hometown the people voted to NOT allow illegals from renting and that town has a HUGE hispanic population so it seems obvious to me that not only the average euro american wants an end to the influx of illegals but so do the mexi americans and I am guessing the average afro american doesn't like it at all. We need a national referendum and I guarantee you the nation would vote to ship em back and shut the border down.

On another note check this out and watch May 22nd's Dateline

The king and I were in Ada at this time and we were in and around the action and some of the players. It was weird to see Karl Fontenot talk after not seeing him for 25 years.

That is all,

the Vic


King Selfish said...

I watched the Dateline episode when it aired. It was like going home again(sigh). You know, the prosecutor in that case was also the DA back in 1980 when we were summoned after you mistreated that laundromat. Thanks a lot, you almost had me sent to the electric chair.

I would say that I agree with your illegal immigration rant, but that goes without saying. So I won't say it. Just remember, no matter how much pablum the politicians spew, nothing serious will be done. Twenty years from now we gringos will pine for the good old days of only 12 million illegals.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...