Tuesday, May 22, 2007

slinking back

I was hoping to come roaring back, after my short hiatus, with a great post. Unfortunately that is not going to happen. Here of late I have been overwhelmed and underpowered when it comes to commenting on the things that piss me off. After five minutes of news I feel like a punch drunk, worn out boxer who can't recover from one blow before recieving the next one. Rest assured that this is a temporary situation. Like the Pheonix I will rise up, and once again, (probably after my nap) skewer my enemies with my rapier wit.

If your man-dress always smells like camel sweat and improperly wiped ass, then you might be a muslim.

If your skanky looking beard has globs of congealed mutton grease in it, then you might be a muslim.

If you singed off your eyebrows while setting your daughter on fire for kissing a boy, then you might be a muslim.

There now, I feel better already.

The Archduke

1 comment:

King Selfish said...

Don't sell yourself short, this is a fine post. It's good to have you back, Archduke of Absence.