Friday, May 16, 2008

His peace loving Obamaness

Our future president is going to solve America's international problems with an age old and proven technique, he is going to talk to our enemies. What wisdom! The good news is that the people who want us dead (see muslim) will change their ways and views due to this brilliant ploy! No more war! No more tension! No more enemy! My heart is filled to the brim with love for this sage of sages! Stupid, imperialist George should've thought of this years ago. He and Saddam could've shared some tea and biscuits, partook of the Harem, and worked out a great deal for both teams. Stupid stupid George. Luckily the vastly experienced in world policy Obamaman will take clean up the mess of poor stupid George. Wow times are about to be good! My hope has been rekindled! Oh and more good news is, all of the American hating peoples ( see islam) is pulling for him too! I even bet those wiley old Chinese, Russians, and Koreans from the north are pulling for him too. With all that love from our future allies how could anything go wrong?

Hopeful me


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

It's all about hope and change Vicar. He's gonna talk to them and HOPE they CHANGE their minds about killing us. I'm sure it will work just fine, I mean after all, radical muslims are nothing if not reasonable. Never forget, talking, hugging, crying, and sharing feelings, is how our ancestors gained independence, settled the west, and saved the world from Imperial Japan, Nazi Germany, and Soviet Russia.

King Selfish said...

I'm curious to see how Jesus H. Obama manages discussions with the muslim who, no matter what, ends every peace negotiation with the line..."Please to be giving me your head so that I may chop it off."

Goldilocks said...

I agree. Well said.