Friday, May 16, 2008

White American Fear

When I was young, back in the '70's and '80's, the word most used by the leftists to describe conservatives was greedy. The Vietnam war was all about greed, any action taken in the middle east was all about greed, fighting(and eventually defeating) the Soviet communists was all about greed. You get the idea. The leftist's contention was that financial gain was the only motivator for the Conservative. They screeched from every rooftop that white Americans would enslave any minority, murder any peace loving people, sell any Grandmother(including their own) if there was a profit in it. The fact that there are millions of middle and lower middle class Republicans rendered this claim idiotic but of course that didn't stop the screeching. Over the years we got used to it and learned to ignore it much like the annoying hum of an old kitchen appliance.

It would appear, that lately, one of them stopped spewing venom long enough to realize that calling us greedy wasn't infuriating us the way they wanted. This is proof, by the way that, the screaming snot slinging, radical letfist CAN learn, but like an inbred child who grew up on a steady diet of lead based paint chips, it takes them longer. So they changed words. Make no mistake, we conservatives are still greedy but now what we mainly are is... wait for it....SCARED!

That's right, according to the grass eaters on the left, white American Conservatives are scared of almost everything. We are afraid of negroes, we are afraid of illegal aliens, we are afraid of muslims, we are afraid of homosexuals, and communists, and strong(abrasive) women, and public vulgarity, and drugs, and body odor, and bad breath, and... wait a minute I just noticed that all the things we are supposedly afraid of are things that they embrace and/or worship. Interesting.

Anyway back to my point. While I realize that this is just more baseless, childish name calling, I feel the need to address it, once. Although I am a white American Conservative, I speak only for myself when I say that I am not afraid of negroes. I'm tired of them. Tired of their shameless whining and bitching, tired of the inordinant amount of crime they commit, and tired of watching serious and important people pander to them. I am not afraid of illegal aliens, not afraid just tired. Tired of hordes of unwashed, uneducated, unhealthy, surly squalids pouring into my country illegally in an attempt to turn it into a third world cesspool remeniscient of the one they are fleeing. Same with the muslims and communists, no fear just tired disgust. These two groups have proven time and time again that the things they bring to the table are vile and unwanted by civilized people. It's long past time for us to stop tiptoeing around and come down on them like Thor's Hammer, once and for all. As far as homosexuals and strong(abrasive) women go, I'm not scared of them and I don't hate them, I just want them to shut up. Please?

Michael Moore's crockumentary, "Bowling for Columbine" is an example of the left's attempts to portray the least fearful group of Americans as dangerously scared crazies. His assertion that gun owners and concealed carry permit holders have weapons because they are irrationally afraid of crime, is like saying that anyone with a spare in their car is irrationally afraid of flat tires. When you think about it, it's almost funny, in a sad depressing sort of way.

In the big scheme of things, like the old kitchen appliance that's hum has changed pitch just enough to be annoying again, we will soon learn to give the left's new word for us all the attention it deserves.


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Another Amen from me.
I feel tired too, but sometimes I feel more hopeless.