Saturday, May 10, 2008

John McCain still Sucks

Make no mistake, I believe that McCain is the lesser of the three evils from which we get to choose. Still, I am dismayed at how poor a choice he is. He is against drilling for American oil in places where a lot of that oil happens to be. He believes in man made global warming and intends to take action in that regard. He is an illegal alien sympathizer and intends to take action in that regard. He is against making moHAMmed's murderous minions uncomfortable in order to extract information that will save Americans and their allies. And while he doesn't like to talk about it, he snuggles up to some vile leftists on issues like unilateral personal disarmament. Just saying these things about the REPUBLICAN candidate for President makes me "throw up a little in my mouth".

Things are going to get ugly in the general election. The far left will attack McCain as a phony hero, and they will be correct. Good, conservative republicans will be forced to defend his indefensable claim to the title of hero. The lefties will use his own admissions to breaking the Military Code of Conduct and accepting special treatment, against him. They will quote the words of men of higher rank and longer captivity who don't believe his claims of torture. They will trot out many North Vietnamese who will recount ALL of the preferential treatment he recieved as an Admiral's son. And finally,surely, someone will point out the idiocy of his claim to have refused early release in order to foil the communist propaganda coup. Since when does a PRISONER dictate to his CAPTORS? How does that work? And why aren't prisoners all over the world doing it? The fact is, if the NVA had wanted to release McCain they would have and he couldn't have stopped them. This particular lie is an insult to our intelligence. Am I the only one who sees this? Hello, is anybody there?

As I've said before, I admire and appreciate John McCain's service and his suffering. But I despise his claim to be something that he is not. Heroes are not mythical creatures, they exist and there are many of them among us. Unfortunately and despite his claims to the contrary, the Republican nominee is not one of them.


King Selfish said...

I'm sure this is a very fine post and that I share many of your sentiments on this matter, but I can't get past that photo. He looks like he has just been startled by John Kerry.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

I just figured he caught Nasty Pelosi without any makeup. But if Kerry stepped around a corner before you had a chance to steel yourself I'm sure it would have the same effect.