Monday, May 19, 2008

I hate to be so distrustful

Is it just me or does anybody else suspect that Killer Kennedy's seizure is about to be used for a political statement? What statement you may ask? Why the "Kennedy is old, he could die anytime, ergo, McCain is a walking time bomb so should we really elect someone so close to death" ploy. I see Kennedy or his spokesman saying that Ted fought the good fight for his people but he really is and has been for some time, past the age of serving in such an important position. I know this view is very cynical but what is it about the left that makes anyone think they aren't capable of such dirty pool? Stay tuned for further developments.

The Vic


King Selfish said...

Even before Mary Jo Kopechne's killer got sick some on the left were already writing and talking about their concern over McCain's advanced age. Meanies.

army_wife603 said...

Hell, the 72 year old man healthier then me right now!