Sunday, May 18, 2008

Political Correctness in da house

For the past five years my eldest daughter, Lady Selfish, has worked as a cashier for a large national discount store. This afternoon she told me about a new policy that has just been implemented at her workplace.

As is common in retail outlets, merchandise has a way of winding up in the wrong place. For example, because they are rude, thoughtless idiots a customer may pick up a football in the sporting goods department and after deciding against the purchase, leave it in housewares. In this company these out of place items are referred to, quite appropriately, as foreign. Yeah, you guessed it. Apparently someone within the company has complained that using the word foreign is offensive, so now the new term for goods that are not where they belong is re-shop. That--the taking offense at such a benign term and the overreaction to it--is a perfect example of the hyper-sensitive, perpetually offended, politically correct world the left has created.


Goldilocks said...

Not only is the word foreign unoffensive when used to describe human beings, but someone decided that it is and ALSO personified the merchandise. Fortunately, this representative gave voice to the merchandise and made it heard so that the disrespect would end.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

You're not telling the whole story. This stems from an incident where a manager told a couple of high school age football player types, to "put the FOREIGN stuff back where it goes" only to discover later that they were stuffing the illegal alien employees into the dumpster out back. Honest mistake.

theguywithoutastupidname said...

the large retailer that employs me began doing that as well, except we call them easter eggs (not sure why) but im sure as soon as the national easter bunny alliance assembles outside of our store we will have to find a new way to describe out of place merchandise