Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No Tears For Senator Kennedy

There is a lot of crying going on lately when the subject of Ted Kennedy (D-riving drunk) comes up. Lots of politicians are dabbing at their eyes while they expound on what a great man he is. I personally don't have any tears for him, if I were going to cry about anything concerning this man it would be either the 45yrs of horrible legislation he is responsible for, or the 28yr old girl he drove into the water and left to die.

Senator Kennedy has consistently been on the wrong side of every major issue to confront our country. That, in and of itself, isn't anything all that extrordinary since loony left wing politicians are a dime a dozen, however he didn't stop there. Ted Kennedy (D-ate rapist), the most notorious drunken philanderer in a town full of drunken philanderers, somehow always managed to manuever himself into position to impede the progress of good people, like Robert Bork among others.

Then there is the sad story of Miss Kopechne's final moments. Driven into the water by a drunken, married, Kennedy and the left to drown while he saved himself and ran to a house to call his lawyer. To the Senator, sobering up and getting a head start on the spin process were more important than her life. If he dies tomorrow he will have had 40 more years than she did.

The irony of this situation isn't that he is finally paying the piper for what he did to Miss Kopechne, hell everybody dies eventually. The irony is that he is dying of a malignant tumor in his brain when he has been a malignant tumor in the brain of America for the last four and a half decades.


King Selfish said...

He's a despicable human being. And how about this as an insight into what kind of pig he is -- Shortly after the "incident" he wondered aloud "whether some awful curse actually did hang over all the Kennedys."

If memory serves, the Kennedy curse refers to events in which actual Kennedys were harmed -- like when Ted's "special" sister Rosemary was lobotomized on the orders of old man Kennedy -- or when one of them was killed and/or murdered. I'm not an expert but I don't think those who are lucky enough to be killed by a Kennedy get to be included in the curse.

Anonymous said...

While as a person I wish him well, as a senator and as freind of every terrosist, godd riddance

army_wife603 said...

Aman Archduke!