Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Drawn offsides again

Another guy on another Ticket show said something I thought was stupid, so I had to write him an email. I present it here for your enjoyment. Warning, some redundancy follows.

Hey Gordo,

On this morning's show you made this uninformed comment--"The only people who don't want gun control are the NRA and criminals."

Way to go. Not only is this statement incorrect on both counts, you managed to lump a legal organization and it's overwhelmingly law-abiding members in with common criminals.

I'm not interested in a debate on gun control, and I'm certainly no spokesman for the NRA, but if you choose to do a little fact checking I think you'll find it supports many, if not most, of the gun laws that are currently on the books.

Your apparent animus towards the NRA can be chalked up to an honest intellectual dishonesty, but saying criminals don't want gun control, in my opinion, shows an ignorance that borders on grotesque. Criminals, by definition, tend not to burden themselves with things like obeying the law, and are not inclined to allow even the most restrictive gun control laws to get in their way. And their work is made easier when their victims are not able to protect themselves. I'll give you one example (there are many more) then set you free.

A federal appeals court recently overturned a 1976 law that banned residents of Washington D.C. from owning, buying, transporting, or possessing a handgun. That's thirty years in which to possess a handgun in D.C., even in one's home, was to break the law. And yet, shockingly, violent criminals thrived to such an extent during this period the District of Columbia was tagged with the nickname "Murder Capital" of the United States.

Your statement couldn't be more wrong. The NRA wants gun control that will keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but will allow lawful adults a serious means of self-protection. Criminals, who don't trouble themselves with obtaining their guns legally, want gun control for the opposite reasons.

Now you can get back to your life.

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The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Good post. It would be really great if people in the media would take a few minutes to learn SOME of the facts before developing and sharing their opinions.