Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Random Poo

Ol' Newt really let me down. In case you haven't heard he jumped on the man made global warming bullshit wagon AND pimped John Kerry's book on national television. Evidently he is just a vote whore like the rest of them. I guess this means that I will support Fred Thompson, at least until he does something to piss me off.

Bill O'reilly recently spanked Geraldo on the subject of "criminal immigrants". O'reilly wants illegal aliens who commit crimes to be deported immediatly. I agree, but what Bill is forgetting is that as soon as a mexican splashes up on the north side od the Rio Grande he is instantly guilty of committing a crime. That one act should be plenty to get him deported. There is no need to wait for him to get a DUI or kill somebody. I think we should employ the D.U.D method- Deportation(death?) Upon Discovery, no tolerance.

This week's word is: Tautology- needless repetion of an idea using different words, i.e.- widow woman, crooked politician, irrational leftist, etc.

Here's a little bit of open border trivia. According to a Minuteman website, the 12 million strong 3rd world army of occupation that is currently bivouaced in my country is responsible for the deaths of 25 real Americans every day. Every year these people kill more Americans than the attacks of 9-11. Depressing ain't it?

Dejectedly Yours,

The Archduke

P.S I was blissfully unaware of this creature called Imus until a couple of days ago. I'm still not sure what it is but I'm guessing it's some sort of ancient, hermaphroditic monster from the really deep part of the ocean. Would somebody in the know please tell me if I'm even close.

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King Selfish said...

Yeah, Newt's a whore, Geraldo's an idiot, and the Imus story is just the latest exhibit in the media's never ending parade of nothingness.

I resolve to:

1. Not vote for Newt if he runs. I'm not typically a one issue voter, but I'll not support anyone who embraces the global warming hysteria.

2. Continue to ignore Geraldo.

3. Strive to be more sensitive to the feelings of nappy-headed hos'.