Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Real Problem

At some point our politically correct society is going to have to face the facts when it comes to school shootings. For years now the pundits, politicians and PTA's, have flitted around alighting on, and crying about, one peripheral issue after another. It's time to man up and face the real issue head on. The problem isn't the implement used (gun), or possible triggers (bullying, envy, unrequited love, ad infinitum). The problem is THE MALIGNANT GEEK or TOXIC DWEEB if you prefer. These brooding, sullen losers spend their short, often priveliged lives, basting in their own mental sewage. The fact that some of their peers are more athletic, better looking, wealthier, smarter, funnier, nicer, etc. doesn't motivate the MG or TD to improve themselves by expanding on their strengths and overcoming their weaknesses, it moves these narcissistic whiners to vile fantasies of murder and revenge. Unfortunately a few of them muster the determination to turn fantasy into reality.

The powers that be need to stop blaming inanimate objects and/or victims when the real culprit is laying(often with a terminal case of self inflicted raggedy head) right under their noses. It's time to hunt these people down, before they act and force them to make something. Make a date, make a team, make a friend, or failing that make a noose and use it on themselves before they hurt somebody.

This week's word is: Hoplophobia- The irrational fear of inanimate objects.

Astutely yours,

The Archduke


King Selfish said...

If you're planning to get some humility training, cancel. After this post it's clear the only way you will ever reach any level of human decency is through a complete emotional overhaul that only an intensive course in sensitivity can provide. Your name calling of those who society forces to become violent aggressors is bad enough, but you cross the line when you insist these unfortunates take responsibility for their actions. If more white male oppressors such as you spent less time condemning the malignancy you create, and more time attempting to understand, mother earth would finally be at peace.

If the phone rings I suggest you answer, it will be Satan calling to say he has found your soul.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

I thought I was being sensitive, after all I left out the line about the VT shooter having a face like a Sea Bass.