Monday, April 23, 2007

I know ,I know

I haven't posted, I haven't commented I have been a bad blogger. Being weird like I am, I have a hard time writing without some kind of inspiration. I have gained new respect for column writers and my esteemed colleagues for being willing enough and focused enough to post their thoughts on a continuing basis. I don't want to be redundant I don't want to be redundant so I try not to post the same stuff over and over which I am more than capable of doing. I know I am passing up some good stuff like "nutty Korean massacres innocent students" and the obvious political battles that follow afterwards over gun control and such. Or "the push to legislate against global warming" which is an obvious scam by liberals. But the words just don't always come easily. So once again I apologize and will try to succumb to peer pressure and get back on my high horse and opine on todays relevant issues.
The Vic


King Selfish said...

I'm just glad to see you're still around. I thought you had finally run off with your male lover or something.

You're not alone when it comes to having gained a level of respect for those who can produce a cogent essay every week. As a matter a fact, I find the act of writing so painful that part of my preparation for every post I submit is to have myself a good cry.

The Archduke of Arrogance said...

Hey Vic, when you hit a wall like that, just write a couple of thousand words about how great you think I am. Trust me, that's a subject that never gets old.