Wednesday, April 11, 2007

So Skeletor

said something that noone really heard except someone with an agenda and I have something to say, wHO CARES? Oh I could feign anger like the women, blacks, black women, corporations , pundits etc etc etc ad nauseum or I could turn the radio off like 99.9% of the world who doesn't listen to the return of the living dead meister does. And OH the HOpocracy! The Hymie hater himself is outraged and why in the world do we have to see Sharpton and Jackson on TV, they are a big part of the reason that whitey has resentment for napheads. So let me get this straight, I as a much maligned and ill treated people can have most my children out of wedlock, commit most of the crime in the country, and much of the culture flaunts how DIFFERENT they are than Cracker culture but don't you dare say anything about it or we will get outraged all over again and then we have to listen to Shamos and Jandy tell us HOw unfair it is to be their rich ass selves. I would bet this country in all of its racist glory has more Millionaire African descendants than the rest of the world combined including the Mother land herself. But OH no don't say anything to offend our much oppressed brother or we are evil EVIL! Let em do what they want just look the other way and don't harbor any bad feelings at all. If this were the Emperor's new Clothes, the poor kid who had the audacity to point out the nudity wouldv'e been hung by his toes. fOr sHame! And I get a huge kick out of NOW trying to protect the poor maligned Basketball girls for the SEXIST comment, never mind rap music, or better yet let's not ever speak of MUSLIM culture where they treat women like queens and Goddesses. Hopocracy is rampant and it is awesome cause being a HOpocrite means never havign to say your sorry. Any of my esteemed colleagues wanna place bets on how much of the DOOKIE faculty apologizes to the INNOCENT non rapists? They won't, they can't their religion forbids it.

But hey just a thought
The Vic

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King Selfish said...

I hope to live long enough to see a societal correction to this type of leftest reactionary nonsense. I'm not optimistic.