Sunday, April 1, 2007

T.V. Dinners

OK I am gonna take a small side trip away from my usual rants about race, politics, and IMMIGRATION to extol the virtues of the greatest Microwaveable T.V. Dinners I have ever had the pleasure to heat up and consume. And we of course being the 3 pigs well formally the 3 pigs, it didn't pass my casual observation that one of the three is looking a bit ballerinaesque in his stature. Which is impressive and a good ploy to make certain other body parts appear larger than they really are. Oh but before I get back to the greatest dinners of all time a good name for the blog who's name we will never change might need to be called "The three wise pigs" just a thought, but back to my piginess. I have discovered that Banquet TV dinners are the best all time. They are inexpensive, easy to make, and comparatively delicious. It is almost like they are luring me in with the good stuff so I will buy it then they will pull the old bait and switch and either raise the price or replace the food with cheaper imitations, but until that day this shit is good! I give it 4 belly rolls up! Oh and let me mention that the democrats are lying cowards, not only do they want to surrender they are claiming that that is what the American people want. Since when did they care what the American people want? Don't believe me? OK then lets have a national referendum to decide if we should legalize gay marriage, or one over abortion or one over immigration, let us truly find out what the American people want and make laws accordingly. I REST MY CASE.
The Vic


The Archduke of Arrogance said...

The Archdutchess informs me that not only do they taste better and cost significantly less, the regular tv dinners (Banquet,Stouffers, etc) aren't much different calorically than the "diet" ones. In other words if the type of food inside is comparable,Lean Cuisine is a ripoff.

I'm ready right now to do an internet vote on what the American people really want. I wonder if my nemesis, Alec Baldwin,would agree to one? I doubt it. God I want to kick his ass.

Revealing a man's secret body image plan is just un-Christian.

King Selfish said...

I'm gonna have to take your word on the Banquet dinners. As a health food junkie I tend to steer clear of such artery clogging slop.