Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Left makes Right

April 18
Betty Trachtenberg, Yale Dean of Student Affairs to school's theater departmemt:

"Given the events of a few days ago in Virginia I question, at this time, the use of even a prop hand gun in this (or other productions). I suggest that you find another way."

April 24
Associated Press NEW HAVEN — A week after a Yale University official banned prop weapons from school plays in response to the Virginia Tech killings, the Ivy League school has reversed course and said audiences will be notified in advance of the use of fake guns, swords and knives.


Well, whadda ya know, leftist hysteria corrected. Partially, anyway. If an audience is attending a production of the Guns of Navarone I can't quite see the need to announce that fake guns, swords, and knives may be used. But hey, I ain't got no Ivy League education.

Some leftist hysteria has greater consequences and takes longer to correct.

About 8 months ago the World Health Organization reversed its 35 year old ban on DDT. During the span of the ban (I like the way that sounds) more than 30 million people, mostly dark skinned children, died of easily preventable malaria. But they were loved.


"You may delay, but time will not." Benjamin Franklin

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